Project Boot Camp

Summer 2019

Daily Schedule

Venue: Pearl Studios (519 8th Ave, Studio C)

5:50PM Call Time

6:00PM - 7:30PM Conditioning with Stacie Webster

7:30PM - 7:45PM Break

7:45PM - 9:15PM Guest Artist


The mission of Project Boot Camp is to provide training specific to the needs of dedicated dancers ages 12+ who are eager to learn and grow. It is a program designed to teach dancers versatility, artistry, and athleticism as they enter the professional chapters of their dance careers. 

Registration Info: 

1) Please submit a 90-second video to: Video must include an across-the-floor combination right and left sides (60 sec) & an improvisational section (30 sec). 

2) Please allow 10 days upon receipt of submission video to hear of your acceptance. 

3) Once accepted, please submit your payment for the weeks you'd like to register. 

2019 Guest Artists

Week 1 (August 13-15): Justin Conte, Emily Greenwell, Kenichi Kasamatsu

Week 2 (August 20-22): Brinda Guha, Princess Lockerooo, Bo Park

Week 3 (August 27-29): Antonio Jefferson, Sun Kim, Stacie Webster

Summer 2019 guest artists

Summer 2018 guest artists

Week 4 - Emily Greenwell

Summer 2017 guest artists

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